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o Any media you have negotiated for the activity
o Measuring successes
o Explain how you will identify the success of the event
Number of participants, dollars raised, new supporters, media awareness, etc
Summarize the Opportunity (1 page)
o Summarize all important benefits to sponsor
Contact Information
o Name (first and last)
o Title
o Organization
o Street Address
o Phone Number
o Email Address
o Website Address
Additional Suggestions
This is simply a guideline of suggestions; not to say that you should treat them as literal as formatting
and presentation is a personal choice.
Use power point rather than word format to ensure you’re concise in your presentation
Using a landscape rather than portrait setting will make your document stand out
Use both sides of the paper; this signals that you’re environmentally conscious
Substitute photos for text wherever you can; a photo of volunteers cleaning up a city park
demonstrates your dedication and impact more than a written paragraph about it.
Stapled document over bound means your cost conscious; this is a good thing because
sponsorship packages or proposals are typically thrown out or put into a file folder (bound
documents don’t fit into a file folder)
Logo’s; include your logo on every page. If you can incorporate the company’s logo at some
point it may be worthwhile, that way you can physically demonstrate the alignment between
your organization and theirs
Research companies philanthropic history; tap into their website, newspapers, magazines and
any other industry-specific resources
Focus most of your proposal on the benefits to the potential sponsors
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