Spring Cleaning Checklist 1 - Free Download
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Spring Cleaning Checklist 1
Spring Cleaning Checklist 1
Spring Cleaning Checklist
Front Hall
Dust lamps
Wash all walls and trim
Wash doors, doorknobs and switch plates
Empty out front hall closet. Wash the walls and vacuum the floor. Take out anything out of
season and donate anything you don’t want/need.
Clean/replace front door mat.
Living room/Family Room
Vacuum sofas
Spot clean furniture
Wash throw pillows and blankets
Dust shelves, furniture and décor
Wash windows and window sills
Take out and wash widow screens
Dust and clean TV and all other electronics
Organize electronic wires, tucked away and labeled if you can
Organize your DVD collection
Sort thru books and magazine. Donate or recycle any that don’t interest you
Wash switch plates
Wash walls and trim
Wash doors and doorknobs
Wash any floor vents
Vacuum and wash carpets/floors
Empty all cabinets and vanity. Wash inside and put items back neatly. Discard anything
Wash outside of cabinet and vanity
Clean bathtub and drain (wax if needed)
Clean toilet, inside and out
Clean sink and drain
Shine faucet
Clean mirror and frame
Dust light fixtures
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Spring Cleaning Checklist 1