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Staff Transition Plan Template
Staff Transition Plan Template
ITS Staff Transition Plan
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New Job Position Effective Date:
Current Manager:
New ITS Manager:
Current Dept:
New ITS Dept:
Current Position:
New ITS Position:
Current Classification:
New Classification:
Current Location:
New Location:
New ITS Position
This section is to be completed by the Manager of the incoming staff member. Describe the new ITS role that the employee will
be moving to and the effective date for the move. If a formal Job Description is on file with Staff HR please provide the Job
Description name below. If a formal job description does not exist for the new role then describe the major accountabilities of
the new role below. In the Specific Training Requirements section please identify any necessary training or orientation that will
be required to enable the employee to perform their new ITS role.
Job Accountabilities & Expectations
Specific Training Requirements
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Staff Transition Plan Template