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Strategy Feedback Meeting Agenda Template Page 2
Strategy Feedback Meeting Agenda Template
Sample Strategic Board Agenda 2
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301 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 1504B • Yardley, PA 1906 7• (215) 493-8120 • Fax (215) 493-8125 •
7) Results of WXYZ’s 2012 CDA Salary Survey
8) ABC update
9) ABCD update
10) Reminder of Winter 2013 meeting date and location
2. Annual Reminder of Fiduciary Duties
3. Confidentiality Proceedings Statement
8:45 am 4. Discussion of Strategic Issues
a. “How Can the WXYZ respond to increasing need for our mission but with fewer
1) If fewer individuals donate to the WXYZ Foundation, for example, how do
we ensure we can continue to fully fund our programs.
10:15 am Break
10:30 am b. Review and discuss inaugural in-person WXYZ Foundation courses presented at the
2012 ABC Annual Meeting, June 23
; next steps
11:15 am 5. Review and Adjustment of Strategy
a. Receive and discuss social media report
b. Review WXYZ Foundation 2012-2015 Strategic Plan and WXYZ/WXYZ Foundation
strategic priorities table in light of morning’s discussion of strategic issues
Noon Lunch (Nominating Committee to meet)
1:00 pm c. Review staff’s implementation plan to meet the goals outlined in the
WXYZ Foundation’s 2012-2015 Strategic Plan
d. Brainstorm possible research questions and/or work toward consensus on the initial
focus of our research agenda
e. Review the WXYZ Foundation’s 2012-2015 Marketing and Communications Plan
2:00 pm 6. Policy Determination
a. External (None at this time)
b. Internal
1) Review and discuss recommendations of the Editorial Board related to the
new ABC program
2) Report of the Policy Committee
i. Receive and discuss fundraising report (recommended parameters
for Donors, Supporters, and the Scholarship Fund)
ii. Review and discuss Report of the Policy Committee first draft of
the WXYZ Foundation Policy Manual (SME social media policy and
talking points may be discussed as possible additions)
3) Review draft Board self-assessment surveys and process used by WXYZ
4) Consider proposed Board compensation policy
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Strategy Feedback Meeting Agenda Template