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Student Agenda Template
Student Agenda Template
Student Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes
Date: Tuesday, August 19th
Kaplan Attendees: Amanda Bell, David Starnes, Vice-Provost (substitute for Dr. Vandenbosch, Provost),
Jessica Hill and Josef Zeigler
Student Attendees: Austin Mahoney. Jacelyn Serrano, Jason Tiller, Kyle Russell, Laken Marr, Marina
McKenna and Michelle Brooker.
Time: 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. CT/ 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. ET
Topic Speaker
Provost Updates and Announcements David Starnes, Vice-Provost
Kaplan graduation was held in Chicago, IL on July 26
. David informed attendees that we had
over 700 graduates and it was a great time for students and staff.
New Member Introduction Amanda Bell
Amanda welcomed Jennifer Williams and Jacelyn Serrano; two new members to the Student
Advisory Board.
Student Operations/Introduction Josef Zeigler
Josef introduced himself and provided a brief explanation as to what Student Operations does on
a daily basis for Kaplan University. As an example, he described that for military students,
Student Operations worked with multiple departments (e.g. admission, education advising) to
ensure that the leave of absence policy was clear and universally understood.
Josef stated that he looks forward to working with the Student Advisory Board to improve the
student experience.
2014-2015 Leadership Election Amanda Bell
Amanda explained that there was one nominee submitted for the President position and one
nominee for the Vice-President position. Since the nominees are unopposed, she asked that the
group discuss these positions.
Austin Mahoney provided a brief explanation as to why he is interested in the Student Advisory
Board, President position. He described his current membership and leadership position(s) with
other student organizations and how this experience can be utilized.
o Michelle Brooker asked how Austin manages his time and efforts taking into account other
group memberships. Austin responded that as a professional, he prioritizes well. He expects
to be active in the Student Advisory Board regardless of leadership position.
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Student Agenda Template