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Student Certification For Business Travel
UC San Diego Student Certification for Business-Related Travel
Processing UC San Diego Student Travel Reimbursement Payments
Student travel reimbursements are of a complex nature and the below explanations are not inclusive and determinations
may need to be made on a case-by-case basis. The purpose of this form is to document the circumstance in which the
student is eligible for Travel Reimbursement.
The student travel payment is generally considered a reimbursement (nontaxable, nonreportable) if:
The primary purpose and original intent is for UC San Diego to obtain useful results from the project/research
Results or research will be used by UC San Diego
Research is performed to fulfill UC San Diego’s obligations to outside funding entity
Activity is required of all students in a degree or course; that is, activity impacts the student's grade in a required course
for the student’s degree or is a requirement to graduating. The requirement to travel due to a dissertation topic alone
does not qualify as business travel. The degree program must set out that all students are required to travel to conduct
their dissertation research.
Student is presenting in a conference or competition on behalf of UC San Diego.
NOTE: When student travel is for UC San Diego business, it is generally expected that 100% of the travel will be
reimbursed as opposed to the student absorbing a majority of the expense.
Examples of reimbursement:
Student travels to Hawaii to represent UC San Diego in a scholastic or athletic competition.
Student travels to Chicago to present at a conference, where the student's name and UC San Diego is published
(poster, website, brochure) as a presenter at the conference.
Student travels to Istanbul to perform research, which happens to be the topic of her dissertation. This would qualify if
UC San Diego would otherwise perform research on this topic, regardless of the student's research as such, UC San
Diego is considered the primary beneficiary.
Student travels to conduct dissertation research and has obtained his or her own external funding (including external
fellowships) to support his/her research, which funding is provided to the University to administer either under a faculty
PI or as the student being the PI.
If the student does not meet one of these qualifications, then the student travel is generally considered to be scholarship
for non-qualified expenses (taxable, self-reportable by the student) and typically is processed through the Financial Aid
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Student Certification For Business Travel