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Student Council Candidate's Speech
Hello. My name is George Robins, and I am the candidate for the Student Council
Representative. Last year members of the Student Council did a great job by
adjusting the academic schedule to our needs, organizing the clubs of national
minority students and improving the living conditions in the hostel. However, I think
that the Council needs some refreshment - new representatives are to come in and
reinforce the experience of the old ones by their enthusiasm. In my opinion, this new
approach can be demonstrated by first-year students.
I was authorized by the freshmen of our university to run for the student council
representative. I guess they chose me because I was previously involved in high
school council and afterwards spent one year participating in the Freedom Support
Act project for future leaders. One of my achievements was the ban of the
compensation system on PT lessons, so that our students didn't have to make up for
the lessons when they were ill or absent.
To tell the truth, this "political" and leadership experience only stirred up my thirst for
making the world a better place by showing the ways to do it. For example, our
university is a wonderful place to study at, but still it needs some improvement: those
who ride to the university by bicycle or on roller-skate would benefit, if the car
movement were restricted on the campus territory. Those who live in the hostel
would find their life easier, had there been a special bus connecting the hostel and
the campus, so that they won't have to travel by two means of transport twice a day.
The senior students would have more time for finding a proper job, had their
academic periods been scheduled for two days instead of five. To put it in a nutshell,
there is a thousand other trifles that would make our university a sophisticated and
comfortable place to study in.
The slogan for my election campaign is "FRESHMAN FOR REFRESHMENT", and
as a representative of first-year students I come out for bringing new energy and new
enthusiasm to the student council. I am not going to convince you that I am the very
best candidate for this position. I am only 18; I have quite a modest track record in
the school council and participating in the cultural exchange program for future
leaders. I lack experience, but it is compensated by zeal, an unprejudiced new
approach to old things. Furthermore, I am ready to work with gusto for your benefit.
But I am not ambitious, and do not strive for authority for the sake of authority. If you
elect another candidate, I will sincerely wish him all of successes in improvement of
our students' life for the better - and continue my own struggle. But if you empower
me with your confidence, I will do everything but the impossible to represent your
interests and achieve our common goals and ideals. I am sure that our aims coincide
- we are all here to obtain education that will teach us how to make the world a
slightly better place. If you empower me with your trust, we will start from solving
local problems and making our university a little better place.
Thank you very much for your attention.
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Student Council Candidate's Speech