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This form is a survey of doctoral students provided by National Research Council for the assessment of doctoral programs.
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Student Questionnaire
Final Version 11/3/06
A12. Which of the following have been your largest sources of financial support during your
doctoral program
Mark up to three sources
National Fellowship/Scholarship
Institutional Fellowship/Stipend
Teaching assistantship (TA)
Research assistantship (RA)
Other assistantship (e.g., general assistantship)
Internship, clinical residency
Personal earnings during graduate school (other than sources listed above)
Loans (from any source)
Personal savings
Spouse’s, partners, or family earnings or savings
Employers reimbursement/assistance
Foreign (non-U.S.)
Other – Specify source:_________________________________________
Ask A13 if any of the first 7 categories in A12 are checked
A13. If you had a fellowship, scholarship, traineeship, or assistantship, with what degree of
support did it provide you
Mark one only
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Student Questionnaire