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Sub Contractor Confidentiality Agreement
Sub Contractor Confidentiality Agreement
Sub-Contractor Confidentiality Agreement
I, ………………., the undersigned, hereby agree that I have read and understood the A J
Grant Policies and Procedures relating to Confidentiality and Sub Contractors Code of
Conduct and that the following Terms of Agreement form part of my contract with A J Grant.
(1) It is a condition of employment that I will not, at any time, divulge to any other person
or entity, directly or indirectly, either for my own benefit, or that of others, any trade
knowledge relating to the Company, or any information relating to the financial or
business affairs of the Company to which I may become privy as a result of my
employment. This shall include private knowledge of any information (written or
verbal) gained by me of the customers, clients, Subcontractors or staff of the
(2) I will not at any time remove from the Company premises, unless specifically required
for a particular work assignment or with the express permission of the Company, any
record, file or document relating to the business affairs of the Company, or an
individual connected with the Company, nor will I copy or take a facsimile of any such
document or record with the intention of applying such copy or facsimile to my own
use or benefit, or to the use or benefit of an agency other than the Company.
(3) Furthermore I will at all times refrain from referring to the Company, or any person
connected with the Company, in any derogatory way or in any way designed to
adversely affect or prejudice the Company or its reputation in any way.
(4) I understand that all work, systems, documentation, products, material, reports, lists,
processes and procedures instigated and/or performed by me in connection with my
employment, shall remain the property of the Company and will not be used for any
other purposes outside the Company. For this purpose, material will include, but is
not limited to, knowledge, intellectual property and documented information in any
original form, hard copy or electronic format. On cessation of employment, nothing as
mentioned, can be retained, or used, in any way for purposes beyond the scope of
my agreed employment.
(5) I will be required to take all reasonable and necessary precautions to maintain
confidentiality in all areas of my work and prevent disclosure of any operational,
technical, commercial or financial information that is not usually for public knowledge.
……………………………………… ……………………..
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Sub Contractor Confidentiality Agreement