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Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz
Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz
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Correct the errors in subject-verb agreement.
Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) is a poet of the Romantic era. There are such
controversy surrounding the discussion of Shelley that the real truth concerning his
character, as well as the value and meaning of his poems, remains hard to discern. Each
of his advocates asserts that his poetic power border on genius and most of his critics
agree on this point. However, every matter concerning Shelley continues to be hotly
debated. Those opposed to Shelley points to his early life as an example of his lack of
moral character. During those years, Shelley were expelled from college, deserted his
wife and children, eloped with Mary Godwin (later to be the author of Frankenstein) and
professed belief in communism and free love. Therefore, people who wants to condemn
Shelley as immoral find what they consider to be plenty of evidence in his youthful years
to do so. However, neither Shelley's behavior nor his unorthodox views detracts from
the power and beauty of his poetry.
In his later years, Shelley wrote many memorable poems. One of his most famous
lines come from "Ode to the West Wind":
Oh! Lift me as a wave, a leaf, and a cloud!
I fall upon the horns of life! I bleed!
Although these lines seem melodramatic to the modem reader, they certainly contains the
spirit of the Romantic era, which was a restless searching for personal identity. Unlike the
youthful Shelley, the older Shelley reveals a poet who see the spirit of Love within his art.
He ardently believes that those who are great in. spirit conquers in the end, and, to Shelley,
it is poetry that expresses the spirit of this kind. In Defense of Poetry, he write, "Poetry is
indeed something divine." In recent years, Shelley and John Keats, another Romantic poet,
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Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz