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Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz
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have come back into favor with academic circles; and to foster critical work on Shelley, the
Keats-Shelley Association now publish a journal devoted solely to the lives and works of
these two poets.
Circle the correct verb choice in the following sentences.
1. Some (thinks, think) more logically than others.
2. Students graduating with a major in business (earns, earn) good salaries.
3. People have many characteristics in common, but many (does, do) things differently.
4. To be happy, a person first (accepts, accept) himself.
5. After accepting himself as he is, he (tries, try) to improve.
6. Preparation for college (requires, require) much planning.
7. Most students, however, (knows, know) that they must study some of the time.
8. My brother, not my sisters, (is, are) in college.
9. Their most difficult task (is, are) English.
10. There (is, are) many ways to study.
11. Every one of these men (plays, play) golf.
12. Neither Martin nor Harry (is, are) going to be in camp next summer.
13. There (was, were) several reasons for his failure to be elected.
14. The wearing quality of different kinds of furs (varies, vary) greatly from item to item.
15. Neither wealth nor fame always (brings, bring) the happiness that you might expect.
16. There (is, are) comparatively few poisonous plants in Alaska.
17. A dictionary and an atlas (belongs, belong) in every library.
18. Neither of these envelopes (is, are) the correct size for my letter.
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Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz