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Subject/Verb Agreement Test Page 2
21. Something about the candidates answers (has, have) been bothering me ever since
the debate.
22. Both of the dogs (has, have) already been treated for worms.
23. Neither of the movies (is, are) very good.
24. Everybody who is registered for the class (read, reads) the same books.
25. Few of the world’s sharks (grow, grows) to be sixty feet long.
26. One of the most interesting sharks (is, are) the whale shark.
27. Each of the whale shark’s eggs (is, are) quite large.
28. Many of the visitors (scream, screams).
29. Few of us (has, have) seen a giant jelly fish before.
30. Everyone in our class (seem, seems) to be having a good time.
V. And, or, as well as, along with: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer
31. Plants and flowers (is, are) featured on the cover of this month’s magazine.
32. The author and illustrator of the magazine (is, are) the same person.
33. In the early 1800’s slaveholding and slave trading (was, were) widespread.
34. Neither the large universities nor the local college (was, were) accepting
applications from African Americans.
35. Just laws and strict enforcement of them (was, were) needed)
36. Also described in the magazine (is, are) experiments and discoveries.
37. Red beans and rice (is, are) a great meal.
38. Neither poverty nor difficult hardship ( were, was) an issue for determined men.
39. Sara or Savannah (do, does) not like to do extra homework.
40. Either the mouse or the cats (is, are) making late night noises.
41. Black and white photography (is, are) my favorite type of photos.
42. Zac or the girls (is, are) going to go crazy.
43. Mr. Harper or Mrs. Cruce (like, likes) to host TNO’s.
44. Hunter and Savannah (want, wants) to go to the movies.
45. Neither Ashlyn nor Shannon (has, have) her project.
VI. Subjects Following the Verb: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer
46. Why (is, are) your parents leaving you alone for the weekend
47. Here (is, are) the books you requested.
48. There (is, are) many reasons you should read those books.
49. (Has, Have) the students returned from their field trip yet
50. When (was, were) the latest episodes of the show supposed to air.
VII. Collective Nouns: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer sheet.
51. Before each game, the team (practice, practices) their kicks.
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Subject/Verb Agreement Test