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52. The committee generally (decide, decides) on its course of action pretty quickly.
53. After the rain, the entire heard (graze, grazes) peacefully along the hillside.
54. The evening before the battle, the army (clean, cleans) their weapons.
55. Having reached the state semifinals, the team (are, is) celebrating their individual
56. Our family (has, have) never been able to agree on our summer vacation
57. Every Saturday, the troop (present, presents) individual projects to their parents.
58. The jury (deliberate, deliberates) its decision for hours.
59. The city council (vote, votes) on their opinion of a new tax increase.
60. The flock (raise, raises) their wings to fly.
VIII. Amounts and measurement: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer
61. Fifteen dollars (was, were) a fair price for that teapot.
62. Sixty yards of fabric ( is, are) enough to make the banners for the parade.
63. (Is, Are) mumps a contagious disease.
64. One quarter of the floor (is, are) reserved for dancing.
65. The three weeks before Spring Break (feel, feels) like forever.
IX. Paragraph Edit: Correct the verbs that do not agree with their subject. Place a
ā€œCā€ in the blank if the sentence is correct.
(66) Besides harming their own bodies, smokers also endanger the good health of people
around them. (67) Cigarette smoke, either from a smoker's exhalation or straight from the
cigarette, contain carbon monoxide, a highly poisonous gas. (68) Nobody appreciate
breathing in poisonous gas. (69) And it is not just the health factors that keeps away from
smokers. (70) Even nonsmokers who do not know about carbon monoxide is usually
bothered by the smoke because it makes breathing difficult. (71) In addition, a lot of
smoke in closed rooms are often irritating to the eyes. (72) Many people is also disgusted
(73) when they smells a smoker's clothes or see the yellow nicotine stains on a smoker's
front teeth. (74) Finally, not too many people enjoy kissing somebody whose mouth taste
like an ashtray. (75) So, smokers needs to realize that they are harming those around
them not just themselves.
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