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Sublease Agreement Form
Sublease Agreement 2
General Information
You may wish to consult your attorney regarding rights and duties under your lease. In general, please note that
under a sublease agreement, the Principal Tenant (who signed the original rental agreement) normally remains
responsible to the Landlord for all terms and conditions of the lease. For example, if the Subtenant does not
pay rent or causes damages, the Principal Tenant remains liable to the Landlord for these damages. For these
reasons, it is recommended Principal Tenants require a security deposit from their Subtenant, and have the
Subtenant pay the rent to them rather than to the Landlord. The Principal Tenant stands in the relationship to
the subtenant as a landlord and has the right to terminate the tenancy of the Subtenant with proper legal notice.
Also note that this form of agreement anticipates that permission to sublet is required by the Landlord or his
agent and is valid only if signed by the Landlord.
1. Parties
The parties to this Agreement are:
hereinafter called “Landlord,
hereinafter called “Principal Tenant,
hereinafter called “Subtenant.
2. ProPerty
The Principal Tenant hereby sublets, according to the terms of the original rental agreement attached
hereto, the following property to the Subtenant:
a) the rental premises at the following address:
Street Apt. #
City State Zip
b) the following furniture and appliances on said property:
(A more complete description of the premises is recorded on the CONDITION OF RENTAL PROPERTY
CHECKLIST hereto attached.)
3. terM (Choose one)
This Agreement shall commence on and remain in effect
unless terminated by one of the parties. This Agreement is
subject to termination at any time upon thirty (30) days WRITTEN notice from one party to each other party.
This Agreement shall commence on
and remain in effect until .
4. reNt
The monthly rent for said property shall be $ , due and payable on the day of each
month, payable
to at the following address
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Sublease Agreement Form