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Succession Planning Guideline
Succession Planning Template 1
Template Guidelines: Identify and Select High-Potential Employees
The Succession Planning Status Worksheet Example shows that five positions should receive
the highest priority in the succession planning strategy. However, limiting the strategy to only
these five positions would limit the number of potential leaders targeted to receive leadership
developmental opportunities, and who could fill leadership vacancies.
We recommend developing an acceleration pool (sometimes called a talent pool) of high-
potential employees to receive enhanced developmental experiences. By using an acceleration
pool, your agency can increase the number of employees who will be prepared to step into
higher-level jobs.
Your Succession Planning Team will need to exercise care in developing a plan for selecting
high-potential employees for the acceleration pool. Your team should consider the following
when identifying high-potential employees:
Your agency will be expending significant resources on the enhanced development of
those in the acceleration pool – it is important to include only those who have real
potential for leadership positions.
It is equally important to develop a process that ensures that every employee with
leadership potential is fairly and thoroughly considered for participation.
If yours is a public agency, your selection process may have to conform to certain merit
system standards of fair and open competition.
Your agency will also want to ensure that the selection process results in a diverse group
of employees to include in the acceleration pool.
Building your Acceleration Pool
Nomination Criteria: Your agency’s size, organizational structure, merit system regulations and
culture will in part determine the nomination criteria you’ll use. Employee requirements to
consider include:
Educational level/degrees
Years with the agency
Current or prior supervisory experience
Classification level
It is important to remember that you are basing your criteria on the future potential of the
employee, rather than their current capacity.
Use the Acceleration Pool Applicant Profile to help you determine the type of criteria your
agency will use to nominate employees to the acceleration pool.
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Succession Planning Guideline