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Summer Rental Lease Template
Summer Rental Lease Template
Short Term Seasonal Lease Lease Date: __________
Tenant: _____________________- ____________________________________-___________
Name Address Phone
Landlord: ______________________________
Property: _____________________________________________________________________
Layout: _______________________________________________________
Maximum Occupancy (including children): _______
From: ______________ To: ____________________
For a sum of $______________________ Security Deposit of $__________________
1. Rental: The Tenant agrees to rent from the Landlord and the Landlord agrees to lease to
the Tenant the Property. Landlord and Tenant understand and agree that the property is a
vacation rental. The tenant is a transient guest or seasonal tenant. The New Jersey Anti-
Eviction Act does not apply to this rental.
2. Non-Liability of the Landlord: This agreement is entered into based upon Tenant’s
independent knowledge of the Property or the representations specifically contained in this
Agreement and not on any representations made by the Landlord or its Agents.
3. Acceptance of Property: Opinions as to the condition of the Property vary from
individual to individual and are very subjective. If the Tenants has not personally viewed
or inspected the Property, the Tenant shall not rely on any opinions express by a third
party, including the Landlord or its Agent. The Tenant bears the sole risk of renting the
Property sight unseen and in not being satisfied with the condition of the Property at the
time of check-in. It is highly recommended that the Tenant personally inspect the
Property before signing this Lease. The tenant has not been promised anything as to the
condition of the Property unless stated in this lease. The Property is rented “as is”.
4. Pets: Absolutely no Pets shall be permitted on the Property. The Tenant shall obey this
and all of the Landlord’s other rules for the safety and cleanliness of the Property and for
the comfort and convenience of other occupants. In the event that a pet is discovered in
violation of this rental agreement, then the Tenant shall be evicted with no refund
5. Use: The Tenant shall take possession of and use the Property only as a private residence
for not more than the maximum number of persons as indicated above. The Tenant shall
not allow the Property to be used for any business, professional or unlawful purposes.
House trailers and recreational vehicles are not permitted on the Property. There shall be
no alterations of the Property and no fixtures, appliances or air conditioners shall be
installed without the written consent of the Landlord. The Tenant affirms that he/she is
over eighteen (18) years of age and minors will not occupy the property unless an adult is
present. Unreasonable noise or disturbance by the Tenant may result in eviction. The
Tenant is solely responsible for placing all trash and recyclables in the exterior bins for
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Summer Rental Lease Template