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Summer Rental Lease Template
pickup in accordance with the schedules and ordinances of the City of Ocean City or the
private hauler contracted by Landlord.
6. End of term and security deposit: The Tenant agrees to return the Property to the
Landlord at the expiration of his lease in as clean and as good condition as it was at the
beginning of the lease term, except for normal wear caused by reasonable use. In addition
the Tenant agrees to repair, replace or pay for any breakage or damage to the Property,
furnishings and equipment. And the Tenant authorizes deduction for these expenses, or
any other amounts due from the Tenants, from the Security Deposit. All Security
Deposits will be held in a non-interest bearing account. The Security Deposit may be
automatically refunded ten (1) days after termination of this lease unless Landlord
determines there are damages or other deductions to be made resulting from actions of the
Tenant. Said amounts shall be deducted from the Security Deposit and the remainder shall
be refunded. In the event the amounts due exceed the Security Deposit, Tenant is liable
for said amounts. Any damages not reported to Landlord by Tenant at check in shall not
be considered valid prior damages.
7. Access to Property: The Landlord or his agent shall have access to the Property form
10:00 am to 5 PM to inspect the property, make necessary repairs, alterations or
improvements, supply necessary services and show the Property to possible buyers,
tenants, contractors, etc.
8. Agreement and Tenant Default: This Lease is valid only when accepted by the
Landlord in writing and may be terminated by the Landlord upon the default of any
payment or other obligation of the Tenant as outlined in this Lease.
9. Cancelation: In the event the Tenant wishes to cancel this Lease, the Tenant may do so
only upon the consent of the Landlord. The cancelation request must be submitted in
writing by the Tenant. The Tenant understands that if the Tenant cancels this Lease the
Landlord has the right to demand the full payment of rent in accordance with the terms of
this Lease. In the event the Landlord does not release the Tenant from the continued
obligation to pay rent or the Property is not re-rented at full price, the Landlord may
demand that the Tenant continue to remain obligated to pay the rental amount. All
cancellations are subject to a handling charge of $100.
10. Amenities: The Landlord/Hotel shall furnish linens, blankets, towels as well as the
appliances, air conditioning and television. Appliances are not guaranteed; however,
repairs or replacements will be made as soon as reasonably possible based on the
availability of repairman or replacement item.
The list of the property’s amenities is included as follows, though no warranties are given as to its accuracy.
Number of Bedrooms: ____ Number of Bathrooms: _1__ Occupancy Limit: __
Television Air conditioning Twin Bed Double Bed Queen Bed Futon
Coffee Pot Microwave Outside Shower Sofa/hide a bed
Dishwasher Stove x Washer/Dryer (coin-op) Porch/Deck x Non-Smoking
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Summer Rental Lease Template