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11. Rentability: If the leased premises are destroyed by fire, other casualty or acts of God so
as to be unfit for occupancy, either prior to or during the term of the lease, the Landlord
shall return an equitable, prorated share of any rents that may have been paid in advance.
The Lease shall not terminate as a result of off-site conditions beyond the control of the
Landlord or as a result of inoperable appliances at the property.
12. Subletting: The Tenant shall not sublet the Property without the written consent of the
13. Utilities: Unless set forth above, utilities are included in rental rate.
14. Megan’s Law Statement: Under New Jersey Law, the country prosecutor determines
whether and how to provide notice of the presence of convicted sex offenders in an area.
In their professional capacity, real estate licensees are not entitled to notification by the
county prosecutor under Megan’s law and are unable to obtain such information for you.
Upon closing, the county prosecutor may be contacted for such further information as may
be disclosed to you.
15. Counterparts and/or Facsimile Signatures: This contract may be executed in any
number of counterparts, including counterparts transmitted by FAX or email any one of
which shall constitute an original of this contract. When counterparts or facsimile copies
have been executed by all parties, they shall have the same effect as if the signatures to
each counterpart or copy were upon the same document and copies of such documents
shall be deemed valid as originals. The parties agree that all such signatures may be
transferred to a single document upon the request of any party.
16. Acceptance: This Lease must be signed and returned with a 50% deposit within ten (10)
days of the above Lease Date. The Lease shall not be binding until the deposit is received
and lease is fully executed by both the Landlord and the Tenant. This agreement is subject
to the approval and written acceptance of the Landlord.
17. Keys: All keys are to be picked up at the beginning of the lease term at the office of the
__________________ and shall be returned at the end of the Lease Term at the office of
the ________________. It is strongly suggested that all keys are tested upon arrival.
Signatures: The Landlord and the Tenant agree to the terms of this Lease by signing
Lessor: __________________________________ Date: ______________
Lessee: __________________________________ Date: ______________
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