Target Baby Shower Registry Checklist - Free Download
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Target Baby Shower Registry Checklist
Target Baby Shower Registry Checklist
“Baby Shower Checklist”
For a successful baby shower be sure to plan ahead. Use the following checklist as a guide to
planning your shower.
3 months before the baby shower:
Set the date for the shower
Make the guest list
Choose the location
Decide what type of shower to have (formal or informal) (co-ed or women only)
Plan the menu
Decide on a theme
Order invitations
5-6 Weeks before the baby shower:
Send the invitations
If necessary, order party rentals such as tables and chairs
1 month before the baby shower:
Finalize the menu
Order the cake
Purchase decorations and favors
Purchase plates, napkins and utensils
Decide on party games
Purchase prizes for party games
1 week before the baby shower:
Compile a final guest count
Purchase a gift for the guest of honor
If the event is not catered place your order for food platters, etc.
Decide on background music
1 day before the baby shower:
Purchase or prepare food, pick up any platters ordered
Purchase beverages
Wrap gifts
Pick up the cake
Pick up rentals that aren’t delivered
Have your camera ready
Day of the baby shower!
Start decorating
Buy ice and any other last minute items needed
Display foods and beverages
Prepare a gift table
Arrange tables and party favors
Relax and have fun
invite . announce . celebrate www.
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Target Baby Shower Registry Checklist