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Task Assignment Template
Task Assignment Template
Project Title: Marin Dependency Representation
RFP Number: CFCC-200903-CT
Dependency Counsel - Activities/Tasks
By Hearing Classification
Activity 1. Case Preparation, Investigation and Management
a. Document Review
b. Notes to file
c. Draft orders
d. Legal research
e. Obtain and review discovery
f. Communicate with client in-person
g. Communicate with client
h. Communicate with child welfare worker
I. Communicate with other counsel
j. Communicate with caregiver
k. Communicate with service providers
l. Communicate with CASA
m. Communicate with others
n. Other investigation or case management activity
Activity 2. Motions and Other Hearings
a. Client interview
b. Investigation
c. Preparation and filing of original or responsive pleadings
d. Settlement conferences, family group conferences, mediation
Activity 3. Trial Preparation
a. Preparing witnesses and experts for trial
b. Complete and arrange service of subpoenas
c. Preparation and filing of Motions in Limine
d. Arranging for independent client evaluations
e. Prepare cross-examination/argument
f. Prepare trial brief
g. Prepare offer of proof
h. Prepare points and authorities
I. Prepare and exchange witness lists
j. Other trial preparation
Please indicate which staff would perform the above tasks, using the following codes:
A = attorney
S = social worker
I = investigator
P = paralegal
O = other (specify)
Plan Hearings
Through Disposition
Post-Disposition through End
of Reunification Services
and/or End of In-Home
Dependency Period
Completion of the Selection
and Implementation (.26)
Hearing and/or 39.1
B Writ Preparation
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source: courts.ca.gov
Task Assignment Template