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benefits, traditionally associated with an employee/employer relationship.
LESSEE elects and hereby gives notice in advance that if LESSEE is entitled
to coverage under the worker's compensation act, LESSEE reserves all
Lessee's rights at a common law under the statutes of this state other than
the worker's compensation act, and will not be bound by the said worker's
compensation act, which notice and lection shall be binding on the heirs,
executors, administrators and assigns of the parties hereto.
b. LESSEE further acknowledges lessee, not COMPANY, is responsible
as an independent lessee to prepare all reports and make all payments
required by any taxing authorities, whether federal or state, including self-
employment taxes.
c. LESSEE, in LESSEE's sole discretion, shall determine if LESSEE shall
work, in what areas LESSEE shall operate (subject to all applicable laws,
regulations, and Permits), the days and hours LESSEE shall work, the routes
over which LESSEE shall carry LESSEE's customers and the methods by
which LESSEE shall obtain LESSEE's customers.
a. LESSEE hereby acknowledges the validity of the trade name(s) AAA,
Yellow, Courier, Checker, Neal's, TLC, Fiesta, and Aguila's. LESSEE
acknowledges any trade name(s), logos or service marks provided by or
utilized by COMPANY remain the property of the COMPANY. LESSEE agrees
not to contest the rights of COMPANY in the trade name(s), logos or service
marks. LESSEE shall not use, with the operation of the vehicle, a trade
name, logo or service mark other than those provided or approved by
COMPANY or such independent name as LESSEE may duly register and
operate under, provided that such name is approved in advance by
COMPANY, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. LESSEE will
not advertise or display to the public any trade name, logo, service mark or
business name during the term of this Agreement, other than as provided by
COMPANY, unless specifically authorized in writing by COMPANY.
b. LESSEE recognizes the good will of the community toward COMPANY,
LESSEE, the trade name(s), logos or service marks is critical to the success
of LESSEE's and COMPANY's business. LESSEE agrees LESSEE shall not act
in any manner detrimental to that community good will. LESSEE agrees and
acknowledges that any communication to or conduct toward passengers,
LESSEE's customers, which is threatening, abusive, harassing, or sexually
offensive would be a violation of this Agreement.
c. LESSEE acknowledges the goods and services provided by COMPANY
to LESSEE pursuant to this Agreement include trade secrets and confidential
information that are critical to the success of COMPANY with regard to
COMPANY's ability to attract other Lessees for its vehicles, and LESSEE
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Taxicab Vehicle Lease Agreement