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b. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement with respect to
damage to the Vehicle for which LESSEE in responsible, COMPANY also
agrees to provide necessary maintenance and repairs with respect to the
Vehicle at no charge to LESSEE, and LESSEE agrees to return the Vehicle to
COMPANY for necessary maintenance and repairs. Upon reasonable notice,
LESSEE agrees to make the Vehicle available for inspection, repairs, or
maintenance, as deemed necessary by COMPANY. LESSEE further agrees to
notify COMPANY of any mechanical problems with the Vehicle. In the event
the Vehicle becomes inoperable because of maintenance or repair
requirements, a vehicle of similar type and quality to the vehicle may be
substituted by COMPANY.
c. LESSEE is responsible for payment of the cost of all fuel used while
s/he is operating the Vehicle, and may purchase such fuel from the vendor of
his/her choice, provided that such fuel satisfies the manufacturer's
specifications. As between COMPANY and LESSEE, LESSEE is also
responsible for payment of all parking fees, tolls, fines, penalties, and other
expenses incurred while s/he is operating, or has parked the Vehicle.
d. COMPANY agrees to furnish LESSEE with applicable operating permit
or operating authority authorizing operation of the Vehicle. Lessee agrees
that such permit or authority is owned by COMPANY, must be returned to
COMPANY upon termination of this Agreement, and may be used only in
connection with LESSEE's operation of the Vehicle as provided for this
e. COMPANY agrees to furnish LESSEE access, for LESSEE's optional
use, to 24-hour dispatching service.
f. LESSEE, in addition to the 24-hour dispatching service, may receive
requests for service directly from LESSEE's customer, provided that all calls
for service to be paid via credit card or voucher issued by COMPANY must be
approved by COMPANY. LESSEE may not use the name "COMPANY" or any
other "trade name" in advertising or telephone listings. LESSEE may use
COMPANY's name or trade name on business cards.
g. LESSEE agrees not to modify the Vehicle without the express written
permission of COMPANY, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld.
At the end of the period of possession of the Vehicle by LESSEE, if requested
by COMPANY, LESSEE agrees to remove all modifications made by LESSEE
and restore the Vehicle to the condition in which LESSEE received it from the
COMPANY. To the extent that COMPANY elects not to require LESSEE to
remove modifications. LESSEE agrees that such modifications become the
property of COMPANY as of the end of the LESSEEā€™s possession of the
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Taxicab Vehicle Lease Agreement