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Taxicab Vehicle Lease Agreement
a. LESSEE understands and agrees that Affiliated Company makes no
warranty, either expressed or implied, with respect to the Vehicle, its
merchantability, age, prior use, certification, or the fitness for a particular
purpose. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to deprive the LESSEE
of rights, if any, LESSEE may have against any party other than Affiliated
Company. The Vehicle and all other personal property provided to LESSEE in
connection with this Lease are provided in “as-is” condition.
b. No representation has been made that LESSEE is not free to
reasonably equip the Vehicle as LESSEE deems necessary for the operation
of the Vehicle. LESSEE understands that LESSEE may equip the Vehicle as
long as installation of the equipment does not violate any portion of this
Agreement or any other applicable agreement with COMPANY.
c. LESSEE acknowledges that no Affiliated Company has made any
representation as to where or not LESSEE’s operation of the Vehicle will be
profitable. LESSEE further acknowledges COMPANY has warned LESSEE that
LESSEE may not make a profit by the operation of the Vehicle. LESSEE
acknowledges LESSEE has not relied upon any representations of any
Affiliated Company regarding the profitability of operating the Vehicle when
deciding to execute this Agreement.
LESSEE's Initials
Re: No Representations or Warranties
a. COMPANY agrees to lease the Vehicle to LESSEE for the fees set
forth in Exhibit A.
b. LESSEE recognizes and agrees to pay a late fee equal to the amount
posted by COMPANY. If no amount is posted COMPANY will require LESSEE to
pay either: (1) a late fee of $5.00 per hour, or (2) a flat late fee of $50.00,
as it chooses.
c. LESSEE agrees to be financially responsible for any and all damages
to the Vehicle, which is outside the normal wear and tear caused by the
operation and use of the Vehicle. LESSEE’s liability for physical damage to
the Vehicle as a consequence of a collision shall be limited to $________ per
occurrence, except for damages caused by the gross negligence, willful
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Taxicab Vehicle Lease Agreement