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f. LESSEE agrees to pay a reasonable fee to COMPANY, as set forth in
Exhibit A, for COMPANY’s services in processing company credit card and
LESSEE agrees that COMPANY may furnish, install and maintain
advertising signs on the Vehicle at COMPANY’s sole cost. Revenues from
advertising space sold shall be payable to COMPANY, and LESSEE shall have
no rights to share in such revenues.
LESSEE acknowledges that, while operating the Vehicle pursuant to the
terms of this Agreement, LESSEE must comply with (a) all laws, ordinances,
rules, and regulations, including those issued by any federal, state, county,
municipal, or other governmental authority; and the terms and conditions of
all operating agreements, quoted/negotiated fees, or contracts to which
COMPANY is a party. LESSEE acknowledges this Agreement may be cancelled
at any time if COMPANY has a reasonable good faith belief that LESSEE may
present a risk of harm to passengers or other vehicle operators. LESSEE
further agrees to exercise good business etiquette, and at all times conduct
himself/herself in a manner that would not be detrimental to the goodwill
inherent in the COMPANY’s name, trademarks, service marks, or logos.
a. The LESSEE’s rights and obligations hereunder are not transferable
or assignable in whole or part except with the express written permission of
COMPANY, which will not be reasonably withheld. LESSEE may not, under
any circumstances, allow anyone to operate the Vehicle in LESSEE’s
possession pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, except as reasonably
approved in advance and in writing based upon having an acceptable driving
records and appropriate authorization from such parties as are reasonably
designated by COMPANY, and as required for insurance purposes.
b. COMPANY may assign or transfer any of its rights or benefits under
this contract, as it may deem necessary or appropriate without notice to
c. A portion of the benefits, which COMPANY has an obligation under
this contract to provide LESSEE, may be provided directly to LESSEE by third
a. COMPANY will provide LESSEE, for the operation of the Vehicle in
compliance with the terms of this Agreement, only the types and amounts of
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Taxicab Vehicle Lease Agreement