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Teacher Cover Letters
Teacher Cover Letters
Teacher Cover Letters
A cover letter is a letter of introduction that “covers” or accompanies your application and/or
resume. It personalizes and presents your qualifications for a specific position and is written to
obtain you an interview.
Elements of a cover letter include:
First Paragraph In your initial paragraph, state the reason for the letter, name the specific
position or type of work for which you are applying, and indicate from which resource you
learned of the opening.
If someone referred you, this is where you will note it. Most introductory paragraphs are short,
so be brief and clear.
Middle Paragraph(s) In this, probably the longest of your paragraphs, you are attempting to
persuade the principal or hiring committee that you are worth an interview. The burden of proof
is on you. Most school administrators are too busy to sift through generalized letters and
resumes in hopes of finding a qualified candidate. These paragraphs of the cover letter are your
first opportunity to present specific abilities, education, and/or experience that make you an
attractive candidate for a particular position.
Refer to your resume, highlighting that portion of greatest interest to the school.
Last Paragraph Request an interview to discuss how your skills might assist the school or state
that you will call the school within the next week to set up an appointment to discuss any
upcoming opportunities.
Don’t be so pushy as to appear desperate, but do be assertive in initiating an interview.
Miscellaneous Tips & Suggestions
Try not to overuse the pronoun “I” in beginning each sentence.
Vary your sentence structure. Edit and rewrite to ensure a polished version.
If you have an enclosure (resume, transcript), type “Enclosure” two lines after your
Limit the letter to one page.
Use high quality paper; standard-size (8.5 x 11”)
Stick with white/crème colored paper. Coordinate with your resume.
Use a laser printer.
Send your letter in a manila envelope to avoid folding.
Letters conveyed by e-mail need not include headings and inside addresses.
Don’t forget to sign your letters!
Keep copies.
Always have someone read your resume to catch typos or misuse of words not caught by
your spell checker.
Call 303-492-6451 to make an appointment with a Career Services counselor.
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Teacher Cover Letters