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Team Assignment Template
Team Assignment Template Template
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Project Team Organization and Assignments
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Project Team Organization and Team Assignments
What: A checklist for organizing a project team, and a Roles and Responsibility table for
documenting all the members of a cross-functional project team, including their roles,
responsibilities, and contact information.
Why: The process of systematically constructing this team list usually brings to light people
who have been "forgotten". How often has the team included all the right development people,
but not the regulatory person Or the key business sponsor The process of documenting
roles and responsibilities also helps get explicit commitments from team members and their
managers on what responsibilities they are signing up for. And once the list has been created, it
can then be used to ensure that all the team members are included appropriately in meetings,
reviews, etc.
How: The project manager and team should construct this list at the beginning of the project,
being careful to go through each functional group and ask "do we need someone from this
group on our team, even if they're part-time or temporary" Asking the question that way often
brings to light the need for crucial support people who were not otherwise being thought of as
'part of the team". The list can be added to as new team members are identified during the
The Roles and Responsibilities columns should capture the essence of their contribution to the
project. Clearly stating the Roles and Responsibilities and getting full buy-in to the written
descriptions helps the entire team to understand the boundaries they accept in working together
and where their interdependencies lie. Note the following distinction between “role” and
A “role” is a descriptive title or label, usually described by using nouns. “Product
Manager” is a role.
A “responsibility” is an activity, duty, action, or task associated with a role. It emphasizes
action promoting, designing, approving, reviewing, testing, etc. “Communicating with
customers” is a responsibility.
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Team Assignment Template