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Team Leader Certification Template Free Download
Team Leader Certification Template Free Download
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The AIB Team Leader Certificate is designed to help individuals develop the necessary skills to lead and manage effective
teams. The courses in the program have been developed for bankers, and are presented in a banking context. The
program is appropriate for bankers who have direct supervisory responsibility for team members and for bankers who
collaborate with others in the bank on occasion to meet common objectives and achieve specific results.
To build a successful team requires the knowledge and skills to build a climate of trust, leverage personal strengths of
team members, manage team weaknesses, and set meaningful goals and expectations. Successful team leaders focus
on both team purpose and individual tasks, promote shared responsibility for results, identify appropriate methods for
rewards and recognition, and communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders. They also coach team
members and help manage the change process.
The curriculum in this Certificate prepares individuals to leverage the power of teams to provide solutions to problems,
to innovate and enhance organizational capabilities, and to take advantage of emerging business opportunities.
Required Courses:
You must complete the following courses.
AIB Certificate Code: 41
Grade Course Delivery Methods
Banking Today
Coaching for Success
Dealing Effectively with Co-Workers
Managing Change
Meetings that Work
Presentation Skills
Rewards and Recognition
Writing Bank Correspondence
Applicants can purchase all of the required courses for this
certificate as a self-paced online curriculum.
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Team Leader Certification Template Free Download