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Teamwork Certificate Template
“101 Funny Awards Collections
Like this free certicate You’ll love these others for friends, family, employees, coworkers and teammates!
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101 Funny Employee Awards
The original that started it all! Now in its 4th
edition, these awards have brought laughs
around the Globe. They were carefully crafted
not to get you red or written up by human
resources. Appropriate for any employee,
volunteer or staff member, no matter the type
of business.
101 Funny Oce Awards
These awards are similar to “101 Funny
Employee Awards”, but they are specically
for those who toil away in cubicles and
ofces. Computers, software, break rooms,
desks, ofce gossip — it’s all covered. These
are a tad bit more snarky and cynical, too.
Not for the easily offended!ce-awards
101 Funny Award Certicates
This collection has a little bit of everything.
The emphasis on friends, family and
teammates, makes them perfect for school
superlatives, family reunions, and sports team
banquets. The references are hip and there’s
plenty that are “poking fun”. Perfect for
101 Funny Teacher Awards
Simply put, these awards are good-natured
fun. Almost all of the certicates fall under
the heading of “job well done”. Show
teachers you appreciate their hard work, long
hours, and tidy classrooms. The awards are
chock full of science, literary, and historical
Download them all at
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Teamwork Certificate Template