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Template for Project Plan
Template for Project Plan
Project Plan template
The project plan is the go-to page for everyone who is involved in the project or wants to find out more about it. As with all important project
information, keep it updated regularly throughout the project and share it with the project team and stakeholders. The Benefits Measurement
section at the end is key - in addition to meeting time/cost/scope goals, the project should have measurable success criteria for providing
value to the company.
Project Plan
Project: <name>
Overall Status: <select from / / / ON TRACK AT RISK BLOCKED ON HOLD
Major Milestones
Stage Date & Status
Project Kickoff
22 July
Milestone 1
16 Aug
Milestone 2
30 Aug
Milestone 3
13 Sep
27 Sep
<List key milestones, management reviews, demos, etc. Colour of cell indicates status.>
Project Team
Role Name
Exec Sponsor
Project Lead
Team Members
Informed / Other Stakeholders
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Template for Project Plan