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Termination Letter Example Template
Termination Letter Example Template
Name, address, date, reference
Dear Mr./Ms/etc.........
Further to our meeting of (date) I (regretfully) confirm that your employment with us is
terminated with effect from (date)/with immediate effect.
As stated at our meeting the reason(s) for terminating your employment with us
is/are as follows:
(Employer must clearly state reasons - transgressions and relevant policies if
(Employer must clearly state previous warnings, informal, formal, written etc.,
and circumstances and person's response and subsequent
behavior/performance for each warning.)
(Clearly state requirements regarding return of documentation, equipment, car,
submission of final expenses claims, and any other leaving administration issues.)
(Clearly state actual leaving date, requirement or otherwise to serve period of notice,
holiday pay, and other pay and pension details.)
(Clearly state the position regarding the employee's right of appeal, and state the
appeal process and timescales.)
(Optional sign-off, for example: Thank you for your past efforts and all the best for
your future endeavors’.)
Yours, etc.
Name and position
(Optionally and recommended: attach, at the foot of the letter refer to, a copy of
your written disciplinary process, and also attach and refer to copies of
written/printed evidence gathered during the employee's case. This enables
employees to understand clearly the case against them, and also the process and
their rights during the disciplinary process, which are central to the principles of the
employment dispute regulations.)
(Optional section at foot of letter, requiring person to sign, confirming receipt of the
letter and any attachment(s), by way of returning a signed copy of this letter.)
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Termination Letter Example Template