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(Testing done to ensure that the application systems control and auditability
features of the application are functional.)
5.7 Recovery Testing
(Testing done to ensure that application restart and backup and recovery facilities
operate as designed.)
5.8 Performance Testing
(Testing done to ensure that that the application performs to customer
expectations (response time, availability, portability, and scalability)).
5.9 Regression Testing
(Testing done to ensure that that applied changes to the application have not
adversely affected previously tested functionality.)
5.10 Acceptance Testing
(Testing conducted to determine whether or not a system satisfies the acceptance
criteria and to enable the customer to determine whether or not to accept the
system. Acceptance testing ensures that customer requirements' objectives are met
and that all components are correctly included in a customer package.)
5.11 Beta Testing
(Testing, done by the customer, using a pre-release version of the product to verify
and validate that the system meets business functional requirements. The purpose
of beta testing is to detect application faults, failures, and defects.)
(Specify the criteria to be used to determine whether each item has passed or failed
6.1 Suspension Criteria
(Specify the criteria used to suspend all or a portion of the testing activity on test
items associated with the plan.)
6.2 Resumption Criteria
(Specify the conditions that need to be met to resume testing activities after
suspension. Specify the test items that must be repeated when testing is resumed.)
6.3 Approval Criteria
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