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(Specify the conditions that need to be met to approve test results. Define the
formal testing approval process.)
(Identify the methods and criteria used in performing test activities. Define the specific
methods and procedures for each type of test. Define the detailed criteria for evaluating
test results.)
7.1 Test Deliverables
(Identify the deliverable documents from the test process. Test input and output
data should be identified as deliverables. Testing report logs, test incident
reports, test summary reports, and metrics' reports must be considered testing
7.2 Testing Tasks
(Identify the set of tasks necessary to prepare for and perform testing activities.
Identify all intertask dependencies and any specific skills required.)
7.3 Responsibilities
(Identify the groups responsible for managing, designing, preparing, executing,
witnessing, checking, and resolving test activities. These groups may include the
developers, testers, operations staff, technical support staff, data administration
staff, and the user staff.)
7.4 Resources
(Identify the resources allocated for the performance of testing tasks. Identify the
organizational elements or individuals responsible for performing testing
activities. Assign specific responsibilities. Specify resources by category. If
automated tools are to be used in testing, specify the source of the tools,
availability, and the usage requirements.)
7.5 Schedule
(Identify the high level schedule for each testing task. Establish specific
milestones for initiating and completing each type of test activity, for the
development of a comprehensive plan, for the receipt of each test input, and for
the delivery of test output. Estimate the time required to do each test activity.)
(When planning and scheduling testing activities, it must be recognized that the
testing process is iterative based on the testing task dependencies.)
(Specify both the necessary and desired properties of the test environment including the
physical characteristics, communications, mode of usage, and testing supplies. Also provide
the levels of security required to perform test activities. Identify special test tools needed and
other testing needs (space, machine time, and stationary supplies. Identify the source of all
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