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Test Plan Template 3
3 Assumptions / Risks
3.1 Assumptions
This section lists assumptions that are made specific to this project.
1. Delivery of the product is in format that the test team can check it into CVS.
3.2 Risks
The following risks have been identified and the appropriate action identified to mitigate
their impact on the project. The impact (or severity) of the risk is based on how the project
would be affected if the risk was triggered. The trigger is what milestone or event would
cause the risk to become an issue to be dealt with.
# Risk Impact Trigger Mitigation Plan
1 Scope Creep – as testers
become more familiar
with the tool, they will
want more functionality
High Delays in
on date
Each iteration, functionality
will be closely monitored.
Priorities will be set and
discussed by stakeholders.
Since the driver is functionality
and not time, it may be
necessary to push the date out.
2 Changes to the
functionality may negate
the tests already written
and we may loose test
cases already written
High – to
Loss of all
test cases
Export data prior to any
upgrade, massage as necessary
and re-import after upgrade.
3 Weekly delivery is not
possible because the
developer works off site
Medium Product did
not get
delivered on
4 Test Approach
The project is using an agile approach, with weekly iterations. At the end of each week the
requirements identified for that iteration will be delivered to the team and will be tested.
Exploratory testing will play a large part of the testing as the team has never used this type
of tool and will be learning as they go. Tests for planned functionality will be created and
added to TCT as we get iterations of the product.
4.1 Test Automation
Automated unit tests are part of the development process, but no automated functional tests
are planned at this time.
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