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Test Strategy Template 1
Test Strategy Template 1
Georgia Motoc
Test Strategy Template
These are the most common sections:
1. Objectives
State the objectives of this document at a high-level.
2. Scope
State the scope of the testing strategy, what will the testing concentrate
around, at high-level; leave details for the Testing Scope.
3. Test Deliverables
State the testing activities and what documents result from these activities;
for example a testing activity is Test Planning and the document resulting is the
Master Test Plan or Test Plan.
4. Testing Schedule
Give the timelines around which the project is planned and where testing
fits in this schedule.
I find that a diagram has a high-impact on the user (a Georgia rule of
thumb is that I use color and diagrams to break the boredom of the text).
Describe the diagram in words.
5. Test Scope
The Project Charter or Master Test Plan usually state all the items in
scope, just copy and paste from these documents. Add anything that's missing or
has changed from the last review.
Then state any items that are Out of Scope.
6. Risk Analysis
State all the risk that you envision, the higher the risk - the higher the test
When you start testing you will want to start with the high-priority items,
then test medium-priority and if time permits test low-priority functionality.
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Test Strategy Template 1