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Thank You and No Thank You Letters
Thank You and No Thank You Letters
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In the job search process, your written communication is not finished with the resume and cover letter. You will need to
compose letters for a number of other situations surrounding your job search, such as
Showing appreciation for an interview (the thank you letter)
Accepting an employment offer
Withdrawing your application from consideration
Rejecting an employment offer
Each needs to be professionally written and personalized appropriately, and each needs to create a positive impression
with the reader.
General tips for all job-search correspondence letters:
1. Keep your letters personal but professional. Avoid being overly familiar or lapsing into colloquialisms. In most
cases, these letters should be typed.
2. Say what you mean clearly and simply, without a lot of big words.
3. Focus on the positive, don’t mention the negative.
4. Keep the letter to one page, preferably one-half page.
5. Always address the letter to one person with his or her correct title and business address. This shouldn’t be too
difficult, since you have already met and talked with this person.
6. Tailor each letter to each situation. Generic letters at any stage, but especially this stage, are insulting and
7. Be timely. Your thank you letter should be sent within a day after the interview, and the acceptance/rejection of an
offer letter should be sent as soon as you make your decision.
8. Use high quality white or off-white resume paper and envelopes.
9. Remember to sign your letters, and keep copies of everything you send.
10. Have someone proofread your letters before you send them. Ask your proofreader if the letter communicates that you
are a responsible, sincere person who knows how to operate in a professional environment.
Examples in this packet:
Thank you letter (for an interview) Page 2
Thank you (for information/networking) Page 3
Accepting a job offer Page 4
Declining a job offer Page 5
Withdrawing from consideration Page 6
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Thank You and No Thank You Letters