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Thank You Letter to an Employer
Activity 1: Correspondence thanking employer or work place supervisor
Your letter of thanks should include:
<Your name>
<Your address>
<Today’s date>
<Employer’s name>
<Name of organisation>
<Address of organisation>
Dear <contact person’s name>
(First paragraph – general thank you)
Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to find out what is involved in your industry and organisation...
Thank you also for the time and effort you have devoted to help me develop and practice my career competencies and
transferable skills...
(Second paragraph – comments on the experience could include some of these points.)
I will probably take up that occupation because ...
What I learned about this field of work was ...
What I gained from this experience was …
I particularly liked ...
What I learned about myself which will help me in future employment was …
What I found different about your workplace was ...
(Third paragraph – conclusion)
My general feeling about my work integrated learning experience with your organisation is ...
I would like to thank you once again for having me in your workplace.
Yours sincerely
<Your signature>
<Your name>
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Thank You Letter to an Employer