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Transporter Resume Example
Transporter Resume Example
Transporter Resume Example
Alexander Lee
12 E 52nd Some Street | Sioux Falls, SD 43333 | Contact # | Email
OBJECTIVE: To obtain employment as a Patient Transporter with Mary Greeley
Medical Center making the most of relevant skills and physical abilities for the
benefit of incontinent patients.
• Over 4 years of experience working as a transporter with Green Care Hospital
Highly skilled in carrying out safe and efficient transport of patients and items from
nursing stations and rooms to designated surgeries or rehabilitation rooms
• Good experience of moving adjunct equipment via prescribed vehicles from one
place to another
• Hands-on experience in recording transportation data electronically
• Computer: MS Word and Excel
• Awarded Employee of the Year Honor for my dedication to patient care and
efficiency in providing the same
• Chosen as one of the five transporters being sent to ABC Training Institute to
acquire credibility for promotion
Transporter | Green Care Hospital Sioux Falls, SD Feb 2008
• Transport patients and equipment to and from one location to another
• Deliver supplies and apparatus to patient units in a opportune and accurate
• Communicate suitably with patients to develop a relationship and ensure patient
• Perform inspections and disinfecting procedures on equipment utilized for a
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Transporter Resume Example