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Travel Insurance Certificate Template Download
Travel Insurance Certificate Template Download
Ref: TPSF/037 (31) NOV09- 1 -
THIS IS TO CERTIFY that in accordance with the authorisation granted to the undersigned by UK Underwriting Limited, on behalf of Fortis Insurance Limited (hereinafter referred to as
“the Insurer”) in consideration of the appropriate premium, the said Insurer is hereby bound to insure in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein or endorsed hereon.
The document only constitutes a valid insurance Policy when it is issued in conjunction with a valid Insurance Certificate or schedule between 01.12.2009 and 30.11.2010.
All policies must expire prior to 31.05.2011.
This travel insurance is arranged by Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd trading as Towergate Underwriting Travel with UK Underwriting Limited on behalf of:
Fortis Insurance Limited. Registered Office: Fortis House, Tollgate, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 3YA. Registered in England No. 354568. Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd trading as
Towergate Underwriting Travel, UK Underwriting Limited and Fortis Insurance Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
This can be checked on the FSA's register by visiting the FSA’s website at or by contacting them on 0845 606 1234.
The Maximum amount we will pay under all benefits of this Policy is £5,000,000
In accordance with the Association of British Insurers' General Business Code of Practice the Insurer hereby draws Your
attention to some important features of Your travel insurance Policy. If You would like more information, please
contact Your issuing broker or agent, particularly if You feel the insurance may not meet Your needs.
UK: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man
Europe: The continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains, any country with a Mediterranean coastline (excluding
Algeria, Israel, Libya and Lebanon), Atlantic Island Group of Madeira, Canaries, and Azores
Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and China
Worldwide including USA, Canada and China
Your Policy excludes certain pre-existing medical conditions known to You concerning the health of You, Your
Relatives, Your travelling companions, or anyone whose ill health would force You to cancel or cut short Your Trip
(unless declared to and agreed to by Our medical referral providers via the broker with whom You placed Your Policy).
Please read the definitions of a pre-existing medical condition overleaf.
Travellers to European Union countries should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their local Post
Office. This will entitle them to benefit from the reciprocal health agreements, which exist between certain European
countries. In the event of a claim being accepted for medical expenses which has been reduced by the use of an EHIC,
or Private Health Insurance, the deduction of Excess under Section B will not apply. Travellers to Australia must
with Medicare on arrival (information details at
Cover for families shall apply where the appropriate premium has been paid and where the Family members travel
together. Adults insured on an annual multi-trip policy are entitled to travel independently of each other. Cover for
Children will only be provided if travelling with an insured adult, unless the appropriate additional premium has been
paid, and all travellers are named on the policy schedule.
The maximum permissible age for all policies and all regions is 75 years, except for those shown below:
All Longstay policies 40 years
All Economy Annual Multi Trip policies 50 years
These claims are paid based on the value of goods at the time You lose them and not on a ‘new for old’ or replacement
cost basis. An amount for wear, tear and depreciation will be deducted. Certain items of personal property are not
covered. Police reports are required for all losses involving theft and other losses require alternative appropriate reports,
such as an airline property irregularity report, a hotel managers report etc.
You should read this document carefully. It gives You full details of what is and is not covered and the conditions of
the cover.
Conditions and exclusions will apply to individual sections of Your Policy, while general exclusions and conditions
will apply to the whole of Your Policy. It is a condition of this Policy that all Material Facts must be disclosed to
the Insurer at the time of taking out this insurance. Failure to do so may result in the Insurer's non-liability for
There is limited cover under the Policy for claims arising from the failure of computers and other data processing
systems to correctly recognise the true calendar date. The extent of this exclusion can be ascertained by reading
exclusion 1 of the Exclusion Applicable to all sections of the insurance contained herein.
You are covered whilst You are participating in any of the Acceptable Sports & Leisure Activities listed on page 2 of
this Policy, or if You have paid the additional premium to include Wntersports cover (other than on an annual multi-
trip Policy). You are not covered whilst participating in any sport or leisure activity not listed. If You have any doubts
please contact Your broker for advice.
There is no cover for Personal Liability claims arising directly or indirectly from, happening through or in consequence
(a) Any liability, injury, loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from ownership, possession or use of any motorised
or mechanical vehicles including any attached trailers or caravans, any aircraft (whatsoever), any watercraft or
vessel (other than manually propelled watercraft or vessel) or any other form of motorised leisure equipment; or
(b) Participation in any hazardous sport or leisure activity not listed under Acceptable Sports & Leisure Activities on
page 2.
All sections of Your Policy have acceptable limits on the amount the Insurer will pay under that section.
There are also specific limits under the Personal Effects and Baggage section for; Single Items; Valuables; items for
which an original receipt, proof of purchase or an insurance valuation (obtained prior to loss) is not supplied.
Under most sections of the Policy, claims will be subject to an Excess. The Excess will be applied per person, per section
and per incident under which a claim is made. This means that You will be responsible for the first part of the claim.
The amount You
have to pay is the Excess.
You must exercise reasonable care to prevent illness, injury or loss or damage to Your property, as if uninsured.
There is no cover for property left unattended in a place to which the general public has access. There is no cover for loss
of Money, which was not carried on Your person unless placed in a safety box, or similar locked, fixed receptacle.
This Certificate shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales unless the
Certificate holder’s habitual residence (in the case of an individual) or central administration and/or place of
establishment is located in Scotland in which case the law of Scotland shall apply.
Please note that any information provided to us will be processed by us and our agents in compliance with the Data
Protection Act 1998, for the purpose of providing insurance and handling claims, if any, which may necessitate
providing such information to third parties. We may also send the information, in confidence, for process to other
companies acting on their instructions including those located outside the European Economic Area.
We hope You are happy with the cover this Policy provides. However, if after reading this Certificate, this insurance
does not meet with Your requirements, please return it to the agent who effected this insurance within 14 days of issue
and We will refund Your premium.
The Insurer shall not be bound to accept renewal of any Insurance and may at any time cancel any insurance document
by sending 14 days notice to the Insured at their last known address. Provided the premium has been paid in full the
Insured shall be entitled to a proportionate rebate of premium in respect of the unexpired period showing on their
If You have any cause for complaint regarding this insurance, please refer to the Complaints Procedure on page 6.
Cover under the medical expenses and personal accident sections of this Policy are extended to include claims arising
as a consequence of You travelling as a driver or passenger in any private motor vehicle or motorcycle or quad bike of
125cc and under providing that You hold the appropriate licence. It should be noted that no coverage exists under the
personal liability section of this Policy for claims arising out of the use or possession of a motorised vehicle. Therefore,
You are urged to seek confirmation from the vehicle owner or hirer that this area of coverage is adequately provided
for under an alternative insurance Policy.
Benefit (Excess in brackets)
Benefit (Excess in brackets) Benefit (Excess in brackets)
Item Description Single Trip Policy / Annual Multi Trip Policy
Long Stay Standard Policy Long Stay Extended Policy
Economy Annual Multi Trip Policy
A Cancellation & Curtailment £3,000 (£50) Not covered £1,000 (£50)
B Medical & Treatment expenses
Up to £5,000,000 (£50) Up to £2,500,000 (£50) Up to £5,000,000 (£50)
(This section includes emergency assistance services)
C Hospital Benefit Up to £15 per day up to total of £600 (£0) Not covered Up to £15 per day up to a total of £300 (£0)
D1 Travel Delay
Up to £20 for the first full 12 hour period.
£10 each additional full 12 hour period up to a total of £100 (£0)
Not covered Not covered
D2 Holiday Abandonment Up to £3,000 (£50) Not covered Not covered
D3 Mugging Benefit Up to £40 per day up to a total of £500 (£0) Not covered Not covered
D4 Missed Departure Up to £1,000 (£50) Not covered Up to £1,000 (£50)
E Personal Accident Up to £25,000 in total under this section Not covered Up to £10,000 in total under this section
Loss of limbs or sight (aged 65 and under) Up to £25,000 (£0) Not covered Up to £10,000 (£0)
Permanent Total Disablement Up to £25,000 (£0) Not covered Up to £10,000 (£0)
Death Benefit (aged 18-65) Up to £5,000 (£0) Not covered Up to £5,000 (£0)
Death Benefit (aged under 18) Up to £2,500 (£0) Not covered Up to £2,500 (£0)
All Benefits (for those aged 66 and over) Up to £2,500 (£0) Not covered Up to £2,500 (£0)
F Personal Liability (including legal fees) Up to £2,000,000 (£100) Up to £1,000,000 (£100) Up to £2,000,000 (£100)
G Legal Expenses Up to £10,000 (£100) Not covered Up to £10,000 (£100)
H* Personal Effects and Baggage* Up to £2,000 in total under this section* (£50) Not covered Up to £1,000 in total under this section (£50)
Single Item, Pair, or Set Limit* £200* (£50) Not covered Up to £200 (£50)
Valuables Limit in Total* £200* (£50) Not covered Up to £200 (£50)
Travel Documents*
(Longstay cover limited to loss of passport)
Up to £500* (£50) Up to £250 (£50) Up to £500 (£50)
Delayed Baggage* Up to £75 per full 24 hour period up to a total of £150* (£50) Not covered Not covered
I* Personal Money* Up to £500* (£50) Not covered Up to £100 (£20)
Personal Cash Limit* Up to £250* (£50) Not covered £50 (£20)
Personal Cash Limit (aged under 18)* £100 (£50) Not covered Not covered
J* Wintersports Cover* (available upon payment of additional Up to £600 in total under this section* Not covered Up to £400 in total under this section
premium or when an Annual Multi Trip policy is effected)
Ski Equipment owned or hired* Up to £600* (£50) Not covered Up to £400 (£50)
Hire of Alternative Equipment* Up to £200* (£50) Not covered Up to £200 (£50)
Ski Pack* Up to £300* (£50) Not covered Up to £300 (£50)
Piste Closure* Up to £200* (£50) Not covered Up to £200 (£50)
Avalanche Closure Up to £200* (£50) Not covered Up to £200 (£50)
*There is no cover under Sections H, I and J under the Economy Annual Multi Trip Policy. The Economy Annual Multi Trip Policy does not provide cover for those aged 51 years or older at date of inception,
and the maximum duration of any one trip is 21 days.
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