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Treasurer Report Template
Treasurer Report Template
Monthly Treasurer's Cash Report
The treasurer is required to report to the board of education monthly on all district funds. The format of the report is
set forth in Section 170.2(o) of the Commissioner's Regulations which requires that the cash balance on hand be shown on
the report. This is interpreted to mean total cash balance, which would include checking, money management, savings
accounts, Certificates of Deposit or any other of a fund's separate investment monies. The treasurer should report all
funds' cash positions in the monthly treasurer's report.
Commissioner's Regulation 170.2(o) requires a report for each fund showing:
I) The cash balance on hand at the beginning of the month,
ii) Receipts by source during the month,
iii) Total disbursements during the month,
iv) The cash balance on hand at the end of the month and,
v) Reconciliation with bank statements
Treasurer's report must be in the proper format example of the Treasurer's are provided below:
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Treasurer Report Template