Two Weeks Notice Sample Template - Free Download
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Two Weeks Notice Sample Template
You’re Name
Street Address
Phone Number/Cell phone number
Email Address
Employer Name
Job Title
Street Address
Salutation: Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name (formal) OR Dear First Name (informal)
Opening Paragraph:
This is where you should state your intention to resign your position and the date on which you
intend to leave. Stating the specific reason(s) for your departure is not required.
Middle Paragraph:
In this paragraph, you should add a few lines that thank your employer for the opportunities and
experiences you have had during your time with the company.
Closing Paragraph:
You can end your letter by offering to assist with the transition in whatever way is appropriate,
helping to train your replacement perhaps, or ensuring that projects you are working on will be
completed before you leave. Offering your good wishes for the success of the company and the
most convenient way to contact you in the future could also be added here.
Closing: Best wishes for your continued success; with warm regards
Handwritten Signature
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Two Weeks Notice Sample Template