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(CV is short for Curriculum Vitae)
What is a Curriculum Vitae
It is the story of your life. Your personal history.
Why is your CV important
Many job advertisements ask for a CV to be attached to your application form. You can
also take your CV with you to your job interview.
Remember that your CV will be one of many others and it should convince the
employer that you are the right person for the job.
If possible, have your CV typed or write it neatly in block letters. It might be to your
benefit if you read up as much as possible on what CV’s should look like. Examples of
CVs can be found in books in the library or bookstore and also on the Internet. Only
attach copies of your original documents to your CV. You can also include a photograph
of yourself if you want to. Make sure there is no spelling or typing mistakes in your CV.
Keep a few copies of your CV for future use.
Nowadays, employers prefer to see what the job applicant’s career/professional goals are
upfront, so include a part that covers your personal career goals at the beginning of the
CV-this will help the employer to immediately know what type of person the job
applicant is. Do not copy and paste from the Internet though, but write your own
professional/career goals. Remember that the employer may ask you to cite examples of
behaviour in the interview as to why you say you can for example manage conflict well
(see example below). Only include skills and qualities that you really possess.
Also remember that employers will not read too long CVs, but that a well-organised one
where they can immediately see whether you have the necessary skills required by the job
you are applying for, will make a much better impression. Divide the information up in 1)
career goal, 2) personal information, 3) education, qualifications and skills, 4) languages,
5) career history, 6) personal interests, 7) positions of responsibility held, 8) prizes and
awards and 9) references. You can also find proposals for other presentations of your CV
in books in the library/bookstore or on internet. Do not use the same CV for every job
you are applying for-change your CV so that those work goals and skills that are relevant
for the job you are applying for, comes out more strongly.
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source: labour.gov.za
Typist Resume