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178 Green Street
Waterbury, CT 06708
(203) 555-5555
August 6, 1999
Pat Cummings
Human Resources Director
Any Bank
1140 Main Street
Chicago, IL 60605
Dear Mr. Cummings:
Having majored in mathematics at Rice University, where I also worked as a Research Assistant,
I am confident that I would make a successful addition to your Economics Research Department.
In addition to my strong background in mathematics, I offer significant business experience,
having worked in a data processing firm, a bookstore and a restaurant. I am sure that my courses
in statistics and computer programming would prove particularly useful in an entry-level position.
I am attracted to Any Bank by your recent rapid growth and the superior reputation of your
Economic Research Department. After studying different commercial banks, I have concluded
that Any Bank will be in a strong competitive position to benefit from upcoming changes in the
industry, such as the phasing out of Regulation X.
I would like to interview with you at your earliest convenience.
Joan Smith
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