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Upper School Athletics Awards
Upper School Athletics Awards
HB Upper School Athletics Awards
To recognize team and individual accomplishments in sports which are sponsored by Hathaway Brown
Awards are presented to each student-athlete who by having regularly participated in team practices
and contests has successfully completed the sport season. Therefore, an athlete who has been
dismissed from the team for failure to abide by the "Student-Athlete Expectations" or quits before the
end of the season will not receive athletic awards and recognition. The Coach of each sport will
determine the appropriate awards and the recipients. Recipients will include varsity athletes, junior
varsity athletes, managers, scorekeepers, timers, and statisticians. Although the specific criteria for an
award may change from year to year, the following items will always be taken into consideration: ability,
effort, attitude, sportsmanship, team contributions, improvement, and attendance at both practices and
contests. A Varsity Letter requires participation in at least one half (50%) of the scheduled Varsity
contests and regular attendance at practices. A student-athlete "moved up" from the JV to the Varsity
to fill the allotted roster spaces for end of season tournament play will not earn a Varsity Letter unless
the requirement of participating in 50% of the regular season Varsity contests has been met. When
appropriate, the Coach may enlist the aid of assistant coaches, team captains, and team members when
deciding special awards and the recipients. At the discretion of the Coach, awards may be deleted.
All Upper School Athletic Awards will be presented by the Coach at the respective Fall, Winter, or Spring
Sports Awards Nights. All Middle School Athletic Awards will be presented by the Coach at the
respective Fall, Winter, or Spring Sports Awards Assemblies during the school day.
All awards will be purchased by the Athletic Director. If a Coach wishes to present awards which are not
a part of the Athletic Awards Budget, he/she must confer with the Athletic Director.
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Upper School Athletics Awards