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Vendor Sample Business Confidentiality Agreement
Vendor Sample Business Confidentiality Agreement
ITS Identity & Info Security
Vendor Confidentially Agmt
11/10/2014 Page 1
Vendor Confidentially Agreement
Access to San José State’s information and technology resources is a privilege granted to faculty, staff,
students and affiliated persons in support of instruction, research, studies, and duties as employees, official
business with the university and/or other university-sanctioned activities.
The university retains the right and authority to revoke or restrict such privileges at any time.
During the course of your employment or affiliation with the university, you may have access to sensitive
and or personal information regarding our students and employees. Information may include, but is not
limited to, student loans or financial records, student academic records and employee personnel history and
files. Such information should be treated in a confidential manner and should not be part of any public or
private conversation. With respect to these records and information, and all other confidential and
proprietary SJSU information and records, the employee or affiliated person has read, understands and
agrees to the following:
1. I acknowledge the confidentiality of all student and employee information, records and other
confidential and proprietary SJSU information and records. This information will not be revealed to or
distributed to or discussed with anyone other than my supervisor and appropriate University, or
California State Auditor’s Office officials.
2. All procedures, creative work, written documents, records and computer programs are created and
documented according to university policies and procedures. These materials are considered the
property of SJSU and are not for public disclosure or use.
Each user has the responsibility to:
Protect the security of the information, data, and resources;
Immediately report a breach of security to
; and
Destroy the data when specific use has been fulfilled.
Access to university information and technology resources are being granted to you based on your
agreement to comply with the following terms and conditions:
Access to data is based on the ‘need to know’ philosophy that is directly related to your required use of
the data. Your right to access information and/or data is strictly limited to the specific information and
data that is relevant and necessary for you to perform your duties.
You shall comply with the state and federal laws that govern access to and use of information.
You shall maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the information and data that you obtain, including
its viewing, reproduction, modification, storage and disposal.
Before sharing information or data with others, electronically or otherwise, you will make reasonable
efforts to ensure that the recipient is authorized to view or receive that information or data.
I agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
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Vendor Sample Business Confidentiality Agreement