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Volleyball Certificate Template
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HT 22.06.2011
Team Equipment incorporates the following:
- Player Equipment (see 2.1)
- Team Official Equipment (see 2.2)
- Team Equipment Accessories (see 2.3)
Player uniform consists of jersey (shirt), short, training suit and socks, and must be same for the whole
team. In addition the Libero must have two sets of each uniform. Player equipment (acessories) consists
of shoes, knee-guards, ankle supporters and elbow protections. Each of these equipments can be from
different manufacturers, bear different colors and designs.
Players’ uniforms must be in conformance with Article 4.8, Section I p. 9 of the FIVB Sports Regulations
and standards that follow. Only FIVB homologated uniforms and shoes may be used. All letters and
numbers (country name, country code, player’s registered jersey name and player’s numbers) on the
player uniforms and warming up suits must be Latin characters and must be in contrasting colours to the
part of the uniform and/or warming up suit where they are placed.
The following are standards for player equipment:
2.1.1 UNIFORM JERSEY (SHIRT) Uniform Jersey Model
The uniform jersey should have an athletic look. All players of the same team must wear the same
colour and style. The Libero player must wear a uniform (or jacket/bib for the re-designated
Libero) whose jersey at least must contrast in colour with that of the other members of the team.
The Libero uniform may have a different design. In addition, a contrasting colorful design is
recommended, but it must be numbered like the rest of the team.
a. Sleeves: Athletic type sleeveless or short sleeves allowed. Long sleeves below elbow
length are not allowed.
b. Collar: Collar required.
c. Body fit: Jerseys must not be loose or baggy and should follow the bodyline. Printed Information on the Uniform Jersey (see also Diagrams 1 to 3 on page 10 to 12)
a. Front number 15cm high and no less than 2cm wide stripe (centered).
b. No numbers on the sleeves.
c. Homologated manufacturer’s logo: standard 20cm
on the front right-hand side (logo to fit
within a rectangle 5cm long and 4cm high).
d. Country flag and country name: min. 36cm
and max 40cm
on the front upper left side.
Only the country name or the official country code (3 letters) must be at the bottom of the
flag. The size of the 3 letter country code or the country name must be clearly visible and
sized to the length of the country flag.
e. Back number 20cm high and no less than 2cm wide strip (centered below the player’s
registered jersey name).
f. Letters for the player’s registered jersey name (as per O-2 form, i.e. family name or usual
nick name) on the back of playing uniforms above the number:
Women Under 10 letters 6cm high, no less than 1cm wide stripe
10 letters and over 4cm high, no less than 0.5cm wide stripe
Men Under 12 letters 6cm high, no less than 1cm wide stripe
12 letters and over 4cm high, no less than 0.5cm wide stripe
Table 3
g. The dimension of the captain’s bar: height – 2cm and width – the same as the front
number, but no less than 8cm. The captain’s bar must be located, centered under the
number on the front of the jersey.
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