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Becoming a Volunteer
Applications. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer with Volunteers of America
will be asked to complete a volunteer application. The application includes basic
contact information, areas of interest, availability of time and emergency contact
Interviews. Each prospective volunteer may be interviewed by a designated
Volunteers of America employee or volunteer to determine the applicant’s qualifications,
available days and hours, and preferred volunteer position.
Background checks. When volunteers will be placed in direct contact with clients, will
be responsible for financial or other valuable organizational resources, or in other
positions identified by the local office, additional screening procedures may be instituted.
These procedures may include reference checks, criminal background checks, etc.
Volunteers will be asked to pay for the initial background check. The charge is $23.00.
Any volunteer that will be working with children will be required to go to the Sheriff’s
Department to get their fingerprints done. Volunteers who refuse permission to conduct
these checks will not be accepted for placement in these identified positions.
Placement. In placing a volunteer in a position, attention will be paid to the interests
and capabilities of the volunteer and to the requirements of the volunteer position. No
placement shall be made unless the requirements of both the volunteer and the
supervising staff can be met. No volunteer should be assigned to a “make-work”
position, and no position should be given to an unqualified or disinterested volunteer.
Orientation. All volunteers will receive a general orientation on the nature and purpose
of the organization. Volunteers will be asked to attend an orientation within the first
month of their volunteer placement.
Minors. Volunteers who have not reached the age of 18 must have the written consent
of a parent or legal guardian prior to volunteering. The volunteer activity that is assigned
to a minor must be performed in a non-hazardous environment and comply with all
appropriate requirements of child labor laws.
Supervision. Each volunteer within the organization is assigned a supervisor. This
person is responsible for day-to-day management and guidance of the work of the
volunteer, and shall be available to the volunteer for consultation and assistance. The
supervisor will have primary responsibility for developing suitable assignments for the
volunteer, involving the volunteer in the communication flow of the agency and for
providing feedback to and evaluation of the volunteer’s work.
Program specific policies. Individual programs within Volunteers of America may
have specific standards and procedures. Volunteers are required to abide by program
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