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policies and procedures in addition to those in this handbook. Supervisors are
responsible for sharing this information with the volunteers and should give out copies
of written policies as part of the volunteer’s training.
Dismissal of a volunteer. Volunteers who do not adhere to the rules and procedures
of the organization or who fail to perform their volunteer assignments at a satisfactory
level may be subject to dismissal. No volunteer will be terminated until the volunteer
has had an opportunity to discuss the reasons for possible dismissal with their
Reasons for dismissal. Possible grounds for dismissal may include, but are not
limited to, the following: gross misconduct or insubordination, being under the influence
of alcohol or drugs, theft of property or misuse of organization equipment or materials,
abuse or mistreatment of clients or co-workers, failure to abide by organization policies
and procedures, and failure to satisfactorily perform assigned duties.
Exit interviews. Exit interviews will be conducted with volunteers who are leaving their
positions. The interview should ascertain why the volunteer is leaving the position,
suggestions the volunteer may have about improving the position, and the possibility of
involving the volunteer in some other capacity with the organization in the future.
General Guidelines
Attendance. Volunteers and supervisors work together to determine a schedule that
works for both parties. Volunteers are asked to call their supervisors and provide as
much notice as possible when unable to fulfill their commitment to serve as scheduled.
Dress code. As representatives of the organization, volunteers, like staff, are
responsible for presenting a good image to clients and the community. Volunteers are
to dress appropriately for the conditions and performance of their duties. Some
programs may have specific dress code requirements that will need to be adhered to.
Smoking. All Volunteers of America facilities are smoke free. Smoking is permitted
only outside of the buildings. A volunteer’s supervisor should include this information
during a volunteer’s orientation to the program and the facility.
Solicitations. Staff and volunteers are not to engage in any type of solicitation while
serving Volunteers of America, with the exception of Volunteers of America sponsored
programs. Any staff or volunteer wishing to solicit funds or in-kind gifts on behalf of
Volunteers of America must receive prior approval from the Development Director.
Volunteers becoming employees. Should a volunteer decide to apply for a paid
position within Volunteers of America, he or she will go through the same hiring process
as any other individual. All job openings are posted on staff bulletin boards. Dates for
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