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Volunteer Policy Manual Template Word Page 4
11/16/2016 Page 4
applying and job qualifications are listed. The volunteer may use staff and other
volunteers as job references.
Accident procedures. Volunteers must immediately report any injuries while
volunteering. Their supervisor will provide an Accident Report to be completed
immediately. If a volunteer witnesses an accident they should notify their supervisor or
any supervisor on shift immediately. A written report must also be completed.
Safety procedures. Each staff and volunteer are expected to obey safety rules and
exercise caution in all work activities. Immediately report any unsafe condition or
hazardous situations that you observe to your supervisor or other appropriate
supervisor. If you are unsure how to do a job safely, ask your supervisor.
Client, staff and volunteer rights. All Volunteers of America clients, staff and
volunteers have the right to be treated in a considerate and respectful manner that
emphasizes human dignity.
Client/staff relationships. Volunteers must maintain a professional relationship with
program service recipients (clients) at all times. Volunteers should not engage in
personal associations with clients and should discourage any attempts on the part of the
clients to develop such relationships.
Confidentiality. Information, both verbal and written, regarding clients, employees or
volunteers is to be kept confidential at all times. Any volunteer that who interacts with
donors is also asked to keep confidential the specifics of the donor activity. It is
mandatory that all information be held in the strictest confidence, both within and
outside of the facilities of Volunteers of America.
Conflict of interest. No person who has a conflict of interest with any activity or
program of the organization, whether personal, philosophical, or financial shall be
accepted or serve as a volunteer. Those volunteers who find themselves to be in a
conflict situation should immediately report the nature of the conflict to their immediate
Drug free workplace. The possession, distribution or use of alcohol or illegal drugs at
any Volunteers of America facility or while volunteering in any Volunteers of America
program is forbidden.
Equal opportunity. It is the policy of Volunteers of America not to discriminate against
any volunteer because of race, religion, creed, sex, age, national origin or ancestry,
disability or veteran’s status.
Mandate Reporting. I understand that under Children’s Code Article 609(A) I will be
considered a “mandatory reporter”, and will be obligated to report to staff any abuse or
neglect of a child or other client of Volunteers of America.
Grievance. Whenever a volunteer has a job related question, problem or concern with
Volunteers of America there are people available to help resolve the matter. The
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