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Volunteer Work Resume
Volunteer Work Resume
Sample Resume Volunteer
Vera Vandenbourg
234 Wellington Rd, Clayton, VIC, 3800
P: 03 9905 1324 M: 0412 987 321
E: vera.vandenbourg@student.monash.edu.au
W: www.wordpress.com/veravanderbourg
Bachelor of Arts 2013 - Current
Monash University
Majors: Communications & Sociology
- Credit average across degree
- Relevant subjects: TechnoDiscourse (71%), Communications ethics, policy and law (69%) &
The second media age (75%)
Victorian Certificate of Education 2010 - 2012
Elwood Secondary College
- Subjects: IT, Maths Methods, English, French, Economics, Business Management
- ENTER 91.5
Work experience
Web Trouble Shooter 2014 - Current
Monash University Hockey Team (MUHT)
- Help solve problems experienced at www.monashhockey.com.au
Receptionist / Administrator 2012 - Current
NewwWebs Graphic Design Studio
- Provide administrative support to web designers
- Liaised with clients to confirm details of their requirements
- Contributed content about communications to website www.newwwebs.com.au
- Australian Computer Society (ACS) 2014 - Current
- Monash Association of Debaters (MAD) 2013 - Current
- Monash University Hockey Team (MUHT) 2013 - Current
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source: monash.edu.au
Volunteer Work Resume