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Wedding Contract Template
Wedding Contract Template
[Your Business Name, Address, Contact Info]
Wedding Photography Contract
[Groom] + [Bride]
Bride - Telephone: ______________Email: ______________________
Groom - Telephone ________________________ Email _______________________
Primary Mailing Address ______________________________________________________
This contract is for photographic services to be provided by [YOUR COMPANY], the
photographer, for the wedding of the above named parties scheduled for
________________________ at ___ PM, in __________________________. Coverage is scheduled
for a 6-hour (360 minutes) block of time. All photographs will be shot in digital
format. Digital photos will be delivered as JPEG files on CD/DVD drive, as well as
made available on a private online gallery. The CD/DVD and online gallery will be
ready about 6-8 weeks after the wedding.
The fee for 6 hours of photographic coverage is [$ INSERT AMOUNT], which includes
[YOUR STATE] State Sales Tax. This includes a Wedding online gallery with print
ordering, digital processing of the camera RAW files and all density and color
corrected medium-resolution wedding images in JPEG format on a CD/DVD disc.
Additional hours of photography are available for [$ INSERT AMOUNT]/hour, which
is due to the lead photographer prior to her exit at the end of the wedding by either
personal check or cash.
Upon your signature, [YOUR COMPANY] will reserve the time and date agreed upon,
and will not make other reservations for that time and date. For this reason, the
Reservation Deposit of [$ INSERT AMOUNT] is non-refundable, even if the date is
changed or the wedding cancelled for any reason, including Acts of God, fire, strike
and/or extreme weather. The Reservation Deposit is applied towards the contracted
wedding photography package totaling [$ INSERT AMOUNT]. The balance of [$
INSERT AMOUNT] is to be paid in full, two weeks prior to the day of the wedding.
Photography will not commence before the invoice is paid in full. Approximately two
weeks prior to the wedding, clients must finalize with the photographer a schedule of
hours, location(s) and (if desired) an Event Guide.
The client(s) will be responsible for designating an Event Guide, if desired. The role
of the Event Guide is to identify people/objects of whom/which specific photographs
are desired, as well as to make certain that these subjects are available when
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Wedding Contract Template